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Picture: front page of the folder a world to live in A world to live in

Participating in the work of the study associations gives many people an opportunity to reflect on their own lives and those of others. Non-formal education plays a prominent and important role in good public health, sustainable development and global justice. These ten good examples, one from each of Sweden’s study associations, present a small selection of what we can do.

Differences enrich us all
More attention should be paid to what non-formal adult education can achieve in work to encourage integration and in giving people an opportunity to get involved and boost their self-esteem – for everyone’s benefit.

Sweden’s study associations have a unique contact network, with direct access to the groups, clubs and societies which many people with a foreign background choose as their meeting places. Read more in Differences enrich us all.


Folkbildning – Non-formal adult education – key forums for Sweden´s development

Sweden’s non-formal adult education system provides the country with its largest forum for people seeking personal development – a forum for improving knowledge and for reinforcing the bonds of society.


Bild: med texten Folkbildningsförbundet på framsidan av ett bokskåp/vandringsbibliotekSAEA:s Statues Adopted at the general meeting of the Federation 19 April 2007.




Picture: frontpage of Folkbildning a bridge between people and politiciansFolkbildning – a bridge between people and politicians

Politicians often talk of the need to increase citizen commitment in EU matters. Often raised questions are: How can we give people a voice? How can we transform the EU from a project for the elite to a project for the people?
Folkbildningsförbundet, the Swedish Adult Education Association (SAEA), would like to contribute to this discussion by highlighting the role that non-formal adult education have in bridging the gap between people and politicians. Read more in our folder


*The Swedish National Council of Adult Education is a non-profit association with certain authoritative tasks delegated by the government and the Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament). The Council distributes government grants to study associations and folk high schools, submits budgetary documentation and annual reports to the government and follows up and evaluates folkbildning activities.

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